Sequential artists are telling today's stories

As a sequential art student at SCAD, you will learn to wield the power of narrative in every medium: comic books, graphic novels, cartoons, comic strips, Manga, children's books and storyboards. And you'll do it in a department so highly revered that it's been called "the Harvard of comics," recognized by USA Today, and named among the three institutions from which Marvel Comics recruits the most editors.

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Sequential art degrees

SCAD's sequential arts degrees are offered in Atlanta, Savannah, and online via eLearning.

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Student work

Andy Yanez, Sequential Art

Star Wars Redesign | Andy Yanez View more student work

Sequential art student inking comics

Land your dream job as a sequential artist

Our sequential art program prepares students to be leaders and entrepreneurs in visual storytelling. SCAD alumni are consistently nominated for prestigious awards and sought after by leading companies like DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Dark Horse Comics and Dreamworks.

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"I began my career in Baltimore, teaching young children how to draw funny cartoon characters. I realized that through teaching I could help the kids do more than just learn to draw Spongebob — I could help enrich their lives."

Brian Ralph | Sequential art professor

Meet the masterminds of sequential art

At SCAD, you can engage with the master storytellers who visit every year at every location. Recent guests include comic mogul Stan Lee, Marvel Comics executive editor Mike Marts and editor-in-chief Axel Alonso, legendary illustrator James Gurney, groundbreaking graphic novelist Art Spiegelman, MAD Magazine greats Jack Davis and Al Jaffee, DC Comics art director Mark Chiarello and many others.

Chris Staros

Learn the trade from gifted visual storytellers

At SCAD, our sequential art faculty is comprised of industry insiders and respected professionals. With connections across every sphere of sequential art, the vast experience of your professors translates directly to job and internship opportunities in the best companies.

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Related majors and minors

As a student at SCAD, your creations will benefit from collaborations with talented peers and opportunities to take electives in related programs. Explore advertising, graphic design, illustration and animation to supplement your portfolio and emerge a well-rounded professional who is in demand.

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