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At SCAD, students focus on developing a range of skills that encompass both digital and traditional forms of sequential art. Students throughout the SCAD School of Communication Arts are encouraged to explore different styles and push the limits of their own practice as they develop their own unique style.

An inspiring student experience

SCAD students, graduates, and faculty drive their passion for storytelling in portfolio critiques, master classes with legendary comic artists, and one-on-one instruction from active industry professionals. Every element of the student experience at SCAD is designed to help students graduate and find professional success.

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Work by sequential art student Julia Hagerty

"Face 2 Face" | Julia Frances Hagerty

Watch stories unfold in 'Sequences'

SCAD sequential art students study in one of the largest and oldest university programs dedicated to comics, graphic novels, and storyboarding. "Sequences," a publication of student work, shows why Philadelphia Weekly dubbed SCAD the "Harvard of comics," and why industry giants from Marvel Comics to DreamWorks recruit SCAD sequential art graduates.

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Sequential arts student work by Kirstyn Smith

"SCAD40" | Kirstyn Smith

Work by sequential art student Daffodil Tran

Untitled | Daffodil Tran

Sequential art student work by Richard Mercado

“Missing Reflection” | Richard Mercado

Sequential art student work by Benjamin Hunter

“When Irish Eyes Are Smiling” | Benjamin Hunter

Sequential art student work by Krista Miller

“Night at Bella Café” | Krista Miller

Sequential art student work by Pamela Jiang

"Mini Comic" | Pamela Jiang

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At SCAD, stellar student work like this isn't the end result — it's just the beginning. Find out where a degree in sequential art can take you.

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