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SCAD students harness the power of tech to connect the world

Join the SCAD UX program and make tech come alive. From mobile devices to intelligent clothing, automobile interiors to health care informatics, user experience (UX) designers engineer experiences that are approachable, meaningful, and memorable. At SCAD, UX design students employ state-of-the-art resources to research, design, program, and test new products for consumers to enjoy.

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The UX design program at SCAD was developed in collaboration with Google.


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User experience design degrees

SCAD's UX design degree is offered in Atlanta and Savannah.

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Careers that put the user first

Find a career that marries tech with science and art. At SCAD, you'll discover how to succeed in a world that’s catered to the consumer. Bring your fresh, creative vision and a knack for working with others to your assignments and to your future career.

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Embody the collaborative spirit of UX

Tackle 21st-century challenges within the university’s collaborative environment. Through SCADpro, user experience design students solve real-world problems for major companies such as 3M, Instagram, Capital One, Hewlett-Packard, The Home Depot, Microsoft, and more. These collaborations prepare students for professional practices as they take the UX design industry by storm.

Related majors and minors

UX design is an ever-evolving field. In order to thrive in such an industry, many students choose to pursue a double major or related minor while they are here. You can explore new perspectives, harness diverse creative approaches, and develop a unique, well-rounded style — all while earning multiple degrees.

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