A faculty of UX design professionals

At SCAD, user experience design professors bring years of professional experience and vital industry contacts to the classroom, educating students on the consumer needs, wants and motivations that drive modern design. Our faculty members are award-winning artists and sought-after designers who collaborate with companies such as Google, Facebook and Samsung, and inspire future generations of designers.

Program leadership

Victor Ermoli

Dean, School of Design

Marilynn (Max) Almy

Dean, School of Digital Media

Byeong Cheol (BC) Hwang

Associate chair, user experience design

"As Dieter Rams said, 'Good design is making something intelligible and memorable. Great design is making something memorable and meaningful.' But then, what is the best design? I am always trying to make our UX design students think further about the best design, based on meaningful and delightful user experience, not just simply by look and feel."

Byeong Cheol (BC) Hwang | Associate chair, user experience design

Faculty experience

The enthusiasm of SCAD faculty breathes life into classroom discussions, creating an atmosphere that encourages learning and fun. Students benefit directly from our faculty's personal and professional experience as well as their commitment to continuing their work as lifelong scholars.

User experience design faculty at SCAD have worked for the following companies:

  • Hyundai
  • Samsung
  • IDEO
  • Method
  • Smart Design
  • Artefact

A culture tailored to your interests

Receiving guidance from our accomplished faculty is just part of the overall experience you'll enjoy as a SCAD student. We have carefully developed a culture that includes signature events, visiting artists and professionals, and the best facilities and resources — all to support our students' success.

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