Safety and security at SCAD

A comprehensive approach to safety

The SCAD Department of Public Safety exists to ensure the safest learning environment possible through a layered and comprehensive approach to security, backed by experienced leadership. SCAD works closely with local police, fire and emergency personnel, as well as state and federal agencies, to ensure that students have a safe and open college experience.

Emergency notification systems

SCAD is ready if a crisis occurs. We have established a comprehensive notification system to communicate with students and families in a timely manner. This includes the SCAD Alert System, online notifications, television reports, radio messages and more. We are dedicated to ensuring an effective, open and appropriate response.

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Savannah SafeRide

The SafeRide program offers SCAD Savannah students, faculty and staff a late night ride from an open SCAD building to their non-SCAD residence within the downtown and midtown neighborhoods.

For more information, or to arrange a ride, call 912.525.4500.


Security reports

In accordance with the Clery Act, SCAD provides a full report of the past year's crimes. The Annual Security and Fire Safety Report is available in the SCAD Department of Public Safety office in Savannah, the student services office in Atlanta, and online.

View the Annual Security and Fire Safety Report from:

Also in accordance with the Clery Act, both a daily log and a weekly summary are kept of university security incidents.

View 2016 daily logs from:

View 2015 daily logs from:

(Provided by SCAD Department of Public Safety and the office of the dean of students.)

LiveSafe logo

LiveSafe is a free smartphone app that turns every student's phone into a personal safety device. By using a smartphone's GPS system, students can report suspicious activity in real time by snapping photos, recording video or submitting anonymous safety concerns.

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Emergency preparedness

The SCAD Department of Public Safety has both precautionary and responsive security networks ready to reduce the impact of a crisis on our students. We are dedicated to a quick, effective response.

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Safety tips

Because Atlanta, Hong Kong and Savannah are busy urban areas, the SCAD Department of Public Safety is committed to educating students on the best methods for protecting their personal safety.

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Security strategy

SCAD is dedicated to balancing a safe learning environment and an open college experience. We research new tactics, analyze security trends and constantly grow as a department to maximize safety.

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Emergency contact numbers

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To arrange a SafeRide, please call 912.525.4500.