SCAD Savannah is in a unique geographic location that can be threatened by tropical storms and hurricanes. Planning for a quick response to weather emergencies helps ensure the safety of the university community.

SCAD follows all procedures regarding mandatory evacuations as instructed by the local authorities, Chatham Emergency Management Agency. All university buildings are closed during a mandatory evacuation period as instructed by CEMA. Either the president or the executive vice president may authorize the closing of SCAD facilities or evacuation of the residence halls prior to a mandatory evacuation order issued by CEMA. The executive vice president notifies the crisis preparedness team members when the decision is made to close SCAD and evacuate all university buildings.

Parents should be aware that in the event an evacuation is ordered by SCAD or CEMA, communications at SCAD might be temporarily disrupted.

Student evacuation timeline

This timeline is a general framework of the anticipated actions SCAD will take in the event of a hurricane in Savannah. Hurricane season is June 1 through Nov. 30, and the university works with local emergency management officials to monitor tropical weather and any potential impact on Savannah. Actions and timeframes may vary depending on the specifics of a storm's forecast track, speed and severity. We encourage you to work with your family to create a personal evacuation plan in the event of a hurricane.

Stage one: Savannah area is identified for potential impact from a hurricane

  • You will receive information about the storm and potential evacuation.
  • SCAD works with local emergency management to monitor the storm track.
  • Residence hall staff will hold meetings with on-campus students to survey evacuation plans and provide information to students who are unable to self-evacuate.
  • SCAD continues to work closely with local emergency management.

Stage two: Evacuation of Savannah campus

  • Classes will be canceled.
  • Student evacuation begins.
  • You will receive updates about the storm and details about closures and evacuation.
  • SCAD will continue working closely with local emergency management.
  • University facilities will be locked for the duration of the evacuation.
  • SCAD operations will continue at the Atlanta campus.

Stage three: Duration of evacuation period

  • You will receive regular updates about the storm and university closures.

Stage four: Re-entry

  • All SCAD Savannah facilities will be inspected for safety prior to your return.
  • Students who evacuated with the university will be bused back to Savannah.
  • All students will receive information about the reopening of SCAD Savannah and dates for makeup classes, if necessary.

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To arrange a SafeRide, call 404.253.3333 in Atlanta or 912.525.4500 in Savannah.