The SCAD Department of University Safety in Savannah and Atlanta offers a free, staffed space to safely buy, sell or trade items from online marketplaces.

SafeTrade locations are available 24/7. In Atlanta, designated SafeTrade parking spaces are located at the SCAD Atlanta visitors parking entrance. In Savannah, traders may park in the security spots across from the Department of University Safety for the duration of the transaction.

You must make appointments in advance via the LiveSafe app or by emailing [email protected] with the date and time you plan on conducting the transaction.

Protect yourself with the following tips for a safe transaction:

  • Don't share more than your first name, email address and/or phone number with potential buyers or sellers.
  • Don't accept checks or money orders as payment, as these documents can be easily forged.
  • Never pay for anything in advance of services or items received.

Items that are prohibited on campus may not be sold at SafeTrade locations. For further clarification on prohibited items, consult the Department of University Safety before arranging a transaction.