Student work that goes beyond the classroom

At SCAD, outstanding student work is a gateway to professional success. Through the stellar resources and unparalleled career preparation offered across disciplines, SCAD students are empowered to take their career goals to new heights. Check out work from students in the SCAD School of Communication Arts who master their own visual language in advertising, brand identity, comics, packaging design, and more.

Sketch for success

Interested in an illustration career? SCAD illustration students are supported by accomplished instructors, experience the latest technology, and have access to résumé-boosting certifications as they develop the portfolio, style, and business acumen necessary for a thriving career.

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Illustration student work "Yayoi Kusama" by Kaifan Ye

"Yayoi Kusama" | Kaifan Ye

Illustration student work by Dana Sanmar

"The Wizard of Oz" | Dana Sanmar

Illustration student work by Yuying He titled Self Portrait

"Self Portrait" | Yuying He

Illustration student work by Yuwei Liu

Untitled | Yuwei Liu

Illustration of goldfish

"Goldfish" | Ruiqi Zhang

Illustration, Adam Del Re, Fall 2013, Gravity Of Education

"Gravity Of Education" | Adam Del Re

Illustration, Abigail Goh En Qi, Spring 2014, The Window Collector

"The Window Collector" | Abigail Goh

Thomas Burns, Surprisingly Flexible, illustration

"Surprisingly Flexible" | Thomas Burns

Illustration, Anna Dittmann, November, Spring 2014

"November" | Anna Dittmann

Oh, the places your portfolio will go

With student work like this, the job of your dreams is an interview away. Learn how to land it with SCAD's outstanding career preparation.

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