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M.A. in graphic design and visual experience

Available at:  
- Atlanta
- Savannah
- eLearning
  • GDVX 701 Design Research, Analysis, and Discourse
  • GDVX 702 Ideation Models and Process
  • IDUS 711 Methods of Contextual Research
  • GDVX 734 Typographic Voice and Visual Narrative
  • GDVX 742 Visual Analysis of Static Content
  • GDVX 749 Professional Practice for Visual Design
  • Select two of these four options:

  • GDVX 779 Graduate Internship
  • 500-level SCADpro¬†elective
  • 500- to 700-level elective
  • 500- to 700-level elective
  • 700-level ARTH elective

Total course of study: 45 hours*

* At the time of admission, up to five additional graduate-level intensive courses may be assigned, bringing the student's required course of study to a total of 50 to 70 hours.