Professional master of architecture

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- Savannah

  • ARCH 706 Architectural Practices
  • Select one of these five options:

  • ARCH 714 Advanced Parametric Design and Generative Modeling Strategies for the Building Arts
  • ARCH 736 Complex Structural Applications
  • ELDS 745 Digital Prototyping and Fabrication Methods for Building Design
  • ARCH 760 Sustainable Design
  • ELDS 775 Simulation, Animation and Visualization in the Building Arts
  • ARCH 717 Graduate Architecture Studio I: Urban Design and Development
  • ARCH 719 Structures: Lateral Forces
  • ARCH 727 Graduate Architecture Studio II: Comprehensive Design and Programming
  • ELDS 727 Advanced Digital Applications for Practice and Project Management
  • ARCH 737 Graduate Architecture Studio III: Comprehensive Detailing and Systems
  • ARCH 745 Graduate Seminar in Architecture
  • ARCH 747 Graduate Architecture Studio IV: Interdisciplinary Focus
  • Select one of these two options:

  • ARCH 765 Emerging Urban Issues
  • ARCH 779 Graduate Internship
  • ARCH 775 Global Architectural Practice
  • ARCH 798 Graduate Architecture Studio: Thesis I - Developing Concept, Context and Program
  • ARCH 799 Graduate Architecture Studio: Thesis II - Design Detailing and Final Exposition
  • 700-level focused elective*
  • 500- to 700-level diversified elective†
  • 500- to 700-level PRES or URBA elective‡
  • 500- to 700-level elective
  • 500- to 700-level elective

Total course of study: 90 hours§

* The focused elective is assigned by faculty and must be taken during the same quarter as ARCH 747 Graduate Architecture Studio IV: Interdisciplinary Focus.
† Diversified electives expand the knowledge of the student beyond architectural disciplines. Courses with subject codes other than ARCH, ARLH, ELDS, INDS, PRES, SUST or URBA meet these requirements.
‡ The following courses will also satisfy this elective: ARCH 721 Landscape Design for Urban Design or ARCH 765 Emerging Urban Issues.
§ At the time of admission, up to five additional graduate-level intensive courses may be assigned, bringing the student's required course of study to a total of 95 to 115 hours.