Visual effects, Hong Kong, Spring 2014

A faculty of visual effects professionals

The visual effects professors at SCAD bring years of professional experience and vital industry contacts to the classroom. Our faculty are award-winning artists and sought-after designers at the peak of their field, but their greatest achievement is the success of SCAD students, both within the classroom and beyond.

Program leadership

Marilynn (Max) Almy

Dean, School of Digital Media

Tina O'Hailey

Associate dean, School of Digital Media

Jeffrey Light

Chair, visual effects

Experience matters

Academy Award-winner and SCAD visual effects professor Stuart Robertson uses his extensive experience working with talented artists of all kinds to inform his classroom discussions. His industry knowledge helps students find their creative voice and understand exactly what it takes to succeed in this constantly evolving field.

"Having trained many people in different areas of production, I realized that being part of the learning process is an extremely rewarding experience. Passing on that production experience back into the academic environment means not only to acknowledge the role that higher education played in my life but also to contribute to someone else's goals and aspirations."

Manuel Prada | Visual effects professor

Faculty experience

SCAD professors are dedicated to creating once-in-a-lifetime opportunities just for you. Through guest speakers, critiques, portfolio reviews and more, we connect our students with professionals in the industry every day. These contacts lead to internships, mentorships and often real-world job opportunities for our students.

Visual effects faculty at SCAD have worked for the following brands, clients and companies:

  • Pixar Animation Studios
  • Rhythm & Hues Studios
  • DreamWorks Feature Animation
  • Industrial Light & Magic
  • Columbia Pictures

An environment designed for your success

At SCAD, professors who facilitate incredible opportunities is just one component of a diverse and fulfilling student experience. You can do it all: participate in signature events, hobnob with visiting artists and professionals, take advantage of stellar facilities and resources, and more.

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