Jaw-dropping student animation

Before SCAD animation students rise to the pinnacle of top-tier animation houses and earn Academy awards, they create remarkable work right here at SCAD.

Films by SCAD animation students and alumni have won Academy Awards and Student Emmys, and screened domestically and internationally as official selections at festivals around the world like Annecy International Animated Film Festival, ASIFA’s International Animation Day, the Atlanta Film Festival, the NYC Independent Film Festival, Très Court International Film Festival, and more.

Incredible results from an inspiring setting

As an animation student at SCAD, you won't feel obligated to create stunning work — you'll be too inspired not to. Let the muse strike as you attend the hottest events, collaborate with talented peers, and learn from the world's most successful animators.

See what the student experience is all about

Ollie the Day Owl | Janelle Santner

I Declare War | Kyle Miller

Rain Dance | Nate Swinehart

Legacy | Adam Floeck

Oh, the places your portfolio will go

With student work like this, the job of your dreams is just one interview away. Discover your career opportunities and how SCAD's outstanding career preparation services can help you take advantage of them.

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