Showstopping student work

For seven consecutive years, SCAD students have been honored as Young Menswear Association Fashion Scholarship Fund scholars. Over the past two years, we have celebrated more YMA scholars than any other university. Our students have also earned seven CFDA scholarships since 2013 — a testament to their creative ability and professional acumen.

A few of our recent scholarship recipients include:

  • 2016 CFDA Scholarship Program Winner ($10,000 award) — Austin Nelson (B.F.A. fashion)
  • 2016 CFDA Scholarship Program Winner, Excellence in Technical Design ($5,000 award) — Austin Nelson (B.F.A. fashion)
  • 2016 Supima Design Competition Winner ($10,000 award) — Jeffrey Taylor (B.F.A., fashion, 2016)
  • 2016 YMA Geoffrey Beene Scholarship Finalist ($10,000 award) — Jessica Ferreira (B.F.A. fashion)
  • 2015 YMA Geoffrey Beene Scholarship Winner ($30,000 award) — Elva Jiang (B.F.A. fashion, B.F.A. fashion marketing and management)
  • 2015 Ray Greenly Scholarship Winner, National Retail Federation Foundation ($10,000 award) — Mariana Flores Sosa (B.F.A., fashion marketing and management, 2016)
  • 2015 Supima Design Competition Winner ($10,000 award) — Kate McKenna-Schliep (B.F.A., fashion, 2015)
  • 2015 CFDA Clara Hancox Scholarship Winner ($10,000 award) — Young Shin Hong (B.F.A. fashion)
  • 2015 CFDA Teen Vogue/Target Scholarship Winner ($25,000 award) — Sang Lim Lee (B.F.A. fashion)
  • 2015 CFDA Teen Vogue/Target Scholarship Finalist ($12,500 award) — Austin Nelson (B.F.A. fashion)
  • 2014 CFDA Liz Claiborne Design Scholarship Winner ($25,000 award) — Carmela Osorio Lugo (B.F.A. fashion)

Untitled | Shengnan Wu

Untitled | Kathleen Schliep

Untitled | Eunji Chae

A fashionable way of life

The full SCAD experience goes far beyond the classroom. As a fashion student you will be exposed to an array of inspiring and stimulating events and opportunities to prepare you for everything a life in fashion has to offer.

Explore the SCAD student experience

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SCAD fashion show 2015

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SCAD fashion show 2015

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