M.F.A. in architectural history

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- Savannah

  • ARLH 700 Research Methods in Architectural History
  • ARLH 705 Architectural History Methodology and Historiography
  • ARLH 770 Documenting and Interpreting the Built Environment
  • ARLH  779 Graduate Internship
  • ARLH  779 Graduate Internship
  • ARLH 787 Directed Research in Architectural History
  • ARLH 790 Architectural History M.F.A. Thesis
  • CLC 580 Collaboration*
  • — 700-level ARLH elective: Analysis of the American hemisphere†
  • — 700-level ARLH elective: Analyzing modernity‡
  • — 700-level ARLH elective: Evaluating pre-Modern traditions§
  • — 700-level ARLH elective: Investigation of the non-Western world#
  • — 700-level ARLH seminar
  • — 700-level ARLH elective*
  • — 700-level ARLH or ARTH elective
  • — 700-level School of Building Arts elective¶
  • — 500- to 700-level diversified elective**
  • — 500- to 700-level studio elective
  • — 500- to 700-level studio elective

Total course of study: 90 hours

* Choose one course.
† Choose one of the following: ARLH 761 Analyzing American Cultural Landscapes; ARLH 771 Building Cultures of the Americas, Pre-Colonial–1865; ARLH 772 Building Cultures of the Americas, 1865–1945; ARLH 773 Building Cultures of the Americas, 1945–Present; or ARLH 775 Savannah: Architecture and Urban History.
‡ Choose one of the following: ARLH 730 Questions of Housing and Building Culture, ARLH 731 Economies and Building Culture, ARLH 741 Analyzing the Modern City, or ARLH 759 Power and the Built Environment.
§ Choose one of the following: ARLH 723 Contextualizing Medieval Architecture, ARLH 724 Contextualizing Ancient Architecture, ARLH 726 Art and Architecture of the Gothic Period, ARLH 742 Monastic Architecture of the Western World, or ARLH 753 Architecture and the History of Provence.
# Choose one of the following: ARLH 743 Analyzing Architecture and Art of the Islamic World, ARLH 744 Traditional Arts and Architecture of the African Continent, ARLH 747 Interconnections in Pre-modern Global Architecture, ARLH 757 The Islamic City, or ARLH 763 Traditions in Global Vernacular Architecture.
¶ Choose one of the following: ARCH 760 Sustainable Design, ARCH 769 Hybrid Media Presentation in Architecture, ELDS 704 Electronic Design, FURN 732 Evolution of Furniture Design,  INDS 726 Environmental Psychology for Interior Design, PRES 710 Studio I: Preservation Through Public Policy , PRES 745 Digital Innovations in Preservation Design or URBA 725 Urban Ecology.
** Choose one of the following: BUSI 730 Global Macroeconomics of Business, COMM 740 Advanced Techniques for Professional Presentations, DMGT 706 Idea Visualization, DRAW 602 Drawing the Environment, GDVX 718 Contemporary Media Production Techniques, ITGM 705 Interactive Design and Media Application, MOME 709 Motion Media Cinematography and Editing, MUSM 754 Museum Curation and Collections, PHOT 502 Photographic Technique and Signification, SEQA 715 Environment as Character, THED 720 Themed Entertainment Industry, or WRIT 753 Freelance Writing for Publication.
Consult your faculty adviser in selecting elective courses.
Students also must pass a comprehensive exam as part of the degree requirement.
Course numbers and titles are subject to change.