Student work that goes beyond the classroom

Nothing is a greater testament to the stellar resources and career preparation that define the accessory design degrees at SCAD than the top quality work our students produce. Here, a portfolio of outstanding work isn't merely a classroom assignment, a professional gateway, or even the end result — it's just the beginning.

Let experience shape your work

As an accessory design student at SCAD, you won't feel obligated to create stunning work — you'll be too inspired not to. Let the muse strike as you attend the hottest events, collaborate with talented peers, and learn from the world's most successful professionals.

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Accessory design student work, Untitled by Liana Vizcarrondo

Untitled | Liana Vizcarrondo

Accessory design student work, Untitled by H Lee

Untitled | Haneul Lee

Accessory design student work, Untitled by Nikita MBouroukounda

Untitled | Nikita M'Bouroukounda

Elizabeth Rotty "Untitled"

Untitled | Elizabeth Rotty

Accessory design student work, untitled by Minjung Kim

Untitled | Min Jung Kim

Oh, the places your portfolio will go

With student work like this, the job of your dreams is just one interview away. Learn how to land it with SCAD's outstanding career preparation.

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