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M.A. in furniture design

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- Savannah
  • FURN 708 3-D Computer-aided Design for Furniture
  • FURN 715 Methods in Furniture Fabrication
  • FURN 732 Evolution of Furniture Design
  • FURN 738 Furniture Studio: Design and Implementation
  • FURN 748 Furniture Studio: Process and Prototype
  • FURN 749 Furniture Design M.A. Final Project
  • Select one of these three options:

  • PRO 580 SCADpro Collaboration
  • FURN 779 Graduate Internship
  • 500- to 700-level elective
  • 700-level ARLH or ARTH elective
  • Directed elective*

Total course of study: 45 hours†

* Select one of these 10 options: DMGT 702 History and Interpretation of Innovation; SDES 704 Applied Theory in Design; SUST 704 Applied Theories in Sustainability; DMGT 706 Idea Visualization; INDS 706 Interior Design Theory and Criticism; SUST 708 Principles of Sustainable Materials; IDUS 711 Methods of Contextual Research; DMGT 720 Design Innovation Development and Marketing Strategies; INDS 726 Environmental Psychology for Interior Design or INDS 740 Contemporary Issues in Interior Design.
† At the time of admission, up to five additional graduate-level intensive courses may be assigned, bringing the student’s required course of study to a total of 50 to 70 hours.