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M.A. in design for sustainability

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- Savannah
  • SUST 704 Applied Theories in Sustainability
  • SUST 708 Principles of Sustainable Materials
  • IDUS 711 Methods of Contextual Research
  • SUST 713 Interdisciplinary Studio I: Design Leadership
  • DMGT 740 Sustainable Practices in Design
  • SUST 748 Design for Sustainability M.A. Final Project
  • Select one of these three options:

  • PRO 580 SCADpro Collaboration
  • SUST 779 Graduate Internship
  • 500- to 700-level elective
  • Directed elective*
  • Directed elective*

Total course of study: 45 hours†

* Select one of these 22 options: ANTH 701 Global Cultural Theory, PRES 701 Practicing Preservation in a Global Context, DMGT 702 History and Interpretation of Innovation, JEWL 705 Contextual Study I: Technical Research, URBA 705 Political Economy of Urbanization, FURN 710 Issues in Furniture Design, PRES 710 Studio I: Preservation Through Public Policy, DMGT 720 Design Innovation Development and Marketing Strategies, PRES 720 Studio II: Construction Technology and Assessment, ARCH 721 Landscape Design for Urban Design, INDS 721 Emerging Interior Materials, JEWL 724 Contemporary Issues in Jewelry, FIBR 728 Structural Materials and Processes, PRES 730 Studio III: Conserving the Built Environment, IDUS 733 Entrepreneurship for Designers, FIBR 738 Critical Perspectives for Fibers, URBA 739 Economics of Urban and Regional Development, PRES 741 Entrepreneurship for Community Revitalization, DMGT 747 Collaboration at a Distance, ARCH 760 Sustainable Design, ARLH 763 Traditions in Global Vernacular Architecture or ARCH 765 Emerging Urban Issues.
† At the time of admission, up to five additional graduate-level intensive
courses may be assigned, bringing the student’s required course of
study to a total of 50 to 70 hours.