M.A. in cinema studies

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- Savannah

  • CINE 703 Research Methodology in Cinema Studies
  • CINE 705 Cinema in Context: From the Fairground to the French New Wave
  • CINE 715 History of American Cinema I: Industry, Aesthetics and Culture
  • CINE 725 World Cinema: Transnational Perspectives
  • CINE 737 Graduate Seminar in Cinema Studies
  • CINE 740 History of American Cinema II: Art, Indies and Auteurs in the Age of Media Conglomerates
  • CINE 747 Issues in Cinema Theory
  • CINE 788 Cinema Studies M.A. Thesis
  • — 500- to 700-level elective

Total course of study: 45 hours

Consult your faculty adviser in selecting elective courses.
Course numbers and titles are subject to change.