Graduate tuition and fees

Tuition 2020-21

Annual tuition
Based on three courses per quarter enrollment for three quarters
Total, full-time student for one academic year US$38,475
Quarterly tuition
US$855 per credit hour
Full-time student, three courses per quarter
15 hours of credit, 150 hours of instruction
Full-time student, two courses per quarter
10 hours of credit, 100 hours of instruction
Part-time student, one course per quarter
Five hours of credit, 50 hours of instruction
One credit hour US$855
GRAD 795 Continuing Graduate Research US$500
New student application and enrollment fees
Online application fee US$60
One-time enrollment fee
Due May 1, 2020, for fall enrollment
Housing fees for one academic year*
New student housing reservation fee (Fall 2020 quarter and beyond)
Nonrefundable, due June 1, 2020, for fall enrollment
Continuing student housing reservation fee
Nonrefundable, due April 6, 2020, for fall
Residence hall balance for one academic year*
Prices include US$500 student housing reservation fee. For entry terms Fall 2020 and beyond:
The Hive, double occupancy US$9,974
Oglethorpe House, double occupancy US$9,674
Montgomery House, double occupancy US$9,974
Pulaski House (3-4 students), studio US$10,274
Turner House, double occupancy US$9,674
Turner House, triple occupancy US$8,960
Boundary Village, private bedroom US$11,120
Barnard Village, private bedroom US$11,120
Victory Village 1 (4 students), includes kitchen and private bedrooms US$11,486
Victory Village 1 (2 students), includes kitchen and private bedrooms US$13,433
Victory Village 1 (1 student), includes kitchen and private bedroom US$15,434
Victory Village 2 and 3 (4 students), no kitchen and double occupancy bedrooms US$9,974
Victory Village 2 and 3 (2 students), no kitchen and double occupancy bedrooms US$11,120
Victory Village 2 and 3 (1 student), studio and no kitchen US$11,486
100 Midtown, 2BD/1BA US$13,433
100 Midtown, 2BD/1BA (eat-in kitchen) US$15,434
100 Midtown, 2BD/2BA US$15,434
100 Midtown, 4BD/2BA US$11,486
SCAD House US$11,120
FORTY, apartment US$11,486
FORTY, suite US$9,974
FORTY, pod US$9,974
*Includes accommodations, furnishings, utilities, and local phone, cable and internet services. Some variations exist in residence hall accommodations. Specifics are provided to students who request college housing. No guarantees may be made regarding specific housing requests/assignments. Housing is limited and assignments are confirmed beginning July 1 each year as quarterly payments and signed housing contracts are received.
Summer housing
Includes nonrefundable US$250 summer housing reservation fee.
Traditional style, double occupancy US$3,575
Apartment style, double occupancy US$4,010
Apartment style, private bedroom US$3,883
Victory Village Summer Extension (4 students), private bedroom US$4,710
Victory Village Summer Extension (2 students), private bedroom US$5,510
Victory Village Summer Extension, single occupancy US$6,330
Meal plan (quarterly)
18 meals/week, $75 Dining dollars US$1,862
14 meals/week, $150 Dining dollars US$1,883
135 meals/quarter, $125 Dining dollars US$1,830
85 meals/quarter, $75 Dining dollars US$950
50 commuter, $100 Dining dollars US$635
25 commuter, $125 Dining dollars US$432
English as a Second Language
10-week regular session
Levels I, II, III and IV
20 ESL hours
Level V
15 ESL hours*
Level VI graduate
15 ESL hours**
*ESL course fees only (students are also required to take an academic studio course and must pay tuition for academic course)
**ESL course fees only (students are also required to take English 123 plus an academic studio course and must pay tuition for academic courses)
English as a Second Language LEAP course
Five-week online session
Learning English for Academic Purposes
Five ESL hours


Tuition 2020-21

Full-time graduate
15 credit hours
Room, meals, site visit fees
Participants responsible for all personal expenses, including meals when outside of Lacoste
Insurance fee US$80
Round-trip airfare
US$1,900 - $2,100*
*Estimated price subject to change depending on market conditions at the time of booking.


Participants are responsible for tuition, program fees, travel expenses, and all personal expenses, including meals, during weekend excursions. Because arrangements for air travel must be made on the student's behalf well in advance of the program, it is crucial that participants adhere to the deadlines in the acceptance email. All deposits are nonrefundable and nontransferable; cancellations and withdrawals must be made in writing by emailing [email protected]. Program aspects are subject to change without notice. Travel scholarships in varying amounts are awarded to qualified students who have been accepted to participate in SCAD study abroad programs. For more information, email SCAD Study Abroad at [email protected] or call 912.525.5806.

Financial aid

Students may apply for financial aid toward SCAD Lacoste. Students should consult with their student success adviser to ensure that their applications for funds are in order.


All students commencing a study abroad program will automatically be enrolled in the SCAD student insurance plan. Cost for this coverage will be added to your bill each quarter. Note that this policy is not meant to be your primary insurance; it is study abroad insurance only. For more information on the policy, email [email protected].