Late fees and penalties

Drop fee for nonattendance

SCAD reserves the right to drop any student from a registered class for nonattendance by the end of the drop/add period. In such cases, the registrar will drop the student from the class by the registrar and charged a US$500 drop fee per class.

Drop for nonpayment

SCAD reserves the right to drop any student from registered classes for nonpayment of tuition by the published due dates. Students whose classes are dropped due to nonpayment may be charged a late registration fee of US$150 to re-register.

Late payment fee

SCAD will charge students a late fee of 5 percent of the balance due if there is an outstanding balance after the published due date.

A student who is in arrears to any SCAD department may not receive academic transcripts or a diploma. SCAD’s collection agency will add collection fees to all student accounts past due.

Returned check fees

The charge for a returned check is US$35. After two checks have been returned, SCAD will revoke check-writing privileges. SCAD will charge late fees of 5 percent of the balance due for tuition payment checks returned for insufficient funds and an additional returned-check charge of US$35.