Billing and account balances

Updated charges and account information will be made available July through October for the fall quarter and immediately after the registration periods for winter, spring and summer quarters. Prompt registration ensures students receive an accurate balance in time to meet the payment due dates. All students with account balances receive notices of account activity to their SCAD email addresses.

Changes to course registration, housing or meal plan, or financial aid eligibility may result in changes to a student's due balance. Students may view an updated balance through TouchNet.

Log in to MySCAD > My Info tab > My Student Account channel > "My Student Account Online" link.

Students may authorize a parent or third party to access billing information through TouchNet.

Terms of payment

All SCAD fees are payable in accordance with the applicable due dates indicated in emails sent to SCAD student accounts and posted online under payment schedule dates.

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Late payment fees

SCAD will charge students a late fee of 5 percent of the balance due if there is an outstanding balance after the published due date.

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Payment plan

SCAD is pleased to offer students a quarterly, automated payment plan administered by TouchNet. To enroll, visit the My Student Account channel on the My Info tab on MySCAD. Click on the "My Student Account Online" link in the channel to launch the TouchNet account in a new window of your Web browser.

Financial aid

If you have applied for financial aid, you should have received your financial aid award letter and enclosure statement.

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