Financial aid timeline and steps to apply

The details below will help you understand your responsibilities and provide a timeline to ensure you have the best possible financial aid package in place for the upcoming academic year. Note that this timeline applies to students who plan to enroll at SCAD for the fall quarter. Students with plans to begin enrollment in another quarter should speak with an admission adviser to discuss any relevant deadlines. The following are estimated dates and subject to change.

  • Apply to SCAD

    To receive financial aid, students must first apply and be accepted to SCAD.

    Submit your application

    After acceptance, connect with your admission adviser to explore SCAD scholarship opportunities. Scholarships are available for both U.S. and non-U.S. citizens. Scholarships are awarded to entering students prior to their first quarter.

    View scholarship opportunities

  • Submit your 2021–2022 FAFSA

    Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, online and include SCAD as one of your school choices. Students must be a U.S. citizen or eligible noncitizen to complete the FAFSA.

    • SCAD Federal School Code: 015022
    • Accurate income tax information should be used from two years prior (2019 for the 2021–2022 FAFSA).
    • The IRS Data Retrieval Tool can simplify completion of the financial portion.
    • Submit early for priority consideration for federal grants.
    • The FAFSA can be completed as early as Oct. 1 and early application is encouraged.

    Students planning to use financial aid as payment should complete the FAFSA at least 60 days prior to their first quarter. Three to five days after submitting the FAFSA, students should receive a Student Aid Report (SAR). Review the SAR carefully to make sure it is correct and complete. SCAD uses the information to determine your eligibility for financial aid.

    Submit any additional required documentation
    Students who have completed a FAFSA may be selected for verification and SCAD will request additional information. Respond promptly to avoid any awarding delays.

    More on verification

  • Receive and accept financial aid offer letter

    Students who have completed the FAFSA and all necessary requirements will receive an offer letter via SCAD email. This letter lists all financial assistance the student is eligible to receive, including scholarships, grants, and loans.

    Students should regularly check their student email account for any information requested by the SCAD financial aid office. This is also a great time to review other important financial aid information, including information on SCAD scholarships, federal loans and grants, and Georgia Aid.

  • Apply for additional aid, if necessary

    Students may apply for supplemental financial aid to cover the cost of education.

    • Dependent student parents and graduate students may apply for the credit-based Direct PLUS Loan. Approved borrowers may borrow up to the cost of attendance minus any other financial assistance received.
    • Students may apply for credit-based loans from private lenders. One resource is ELMselect, which provides a list of lenders that provide products and services for many students and their families. Families are not required to borrow from a lender through ELMselect.
    • SCAD accepts a variety of scholarships from outside sources that are currently available for undergraduate, graduate and international students. Learn more about outside scholarship opportunities.
  • Review billing information

    • You will receive regular billing notices to your SCAD email. You should always review these notices and your account status in case there have been changes
    • If you have a family member or other person helping you pay for your SCAD education, you can add them as an authorized user in the TouchNet student account portal.
    • Review the account closely to ensure all expected financial aid is listed under "Anticipated Aid" and deducted from the fall quarter balance.
    • Follow up with your adviser if you have any questions regarding your student account.

    Fall quarter tuition, housing, and meal plan balance due Sunday, Aug. 1, 2021
    Balances not paid by the due date are subject to a late fee of 5% of the account balance. View all tuition due dates for the 2021–22 academic year.