Pre-college summer programs

This summer, explore new avenues of artistic development and spark your imagination at The University for Creative Careers. SCAD offers summer programs for high school students of all ages to pursue art and design disciplines while working alongside peers from all over the world. SCAD summer programs offer ideal opportunities for artists at all levels to create, learn, and grow.

SCAD Rising Star

Incoming high school seniors ready for a college experience benefit from the challenging and exciting atmosphere of SCAD Rising Star. Enrolling in one or two college-level classes and building professional portfolios, SCAD Rising Star participants benefit from all of the perks of being a SCAD student.

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Summer seminars

SCAD Summer Seminars offer weeklong workshops for high school students who have completed their freshman, sophomore, or junior years. Students gain valuable experience while developing their creativity through exciting art and design projects.

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SCAD dual enrollment

High school and home-school students who meet or exceed the admission criteria for joint enrollment may be eligible for half-tuition courses through the SCAD eLearning pre-college scholarship. This allows students to accelerate their college education by taking college-level courses online while still in high school.

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