Frequently asked questions

Where are classes held?

Classes will meet via the Zoom meeting platform for live instruction and utilize the Blackboard interface for coursework and assignments. Students access Blackboard through MySCAD or through

How do I log in?

Students are provided with a student ID number. They must set their own password via MySCAD to access classes and emails. Additionally, they may log in directly to their classes at with their student ID number and MySCAD password.

Are there accommodations for disabled students?

Yes. Students work with the office of counseling and student support services in order to set up accommodations with the professor. SCAD offers educational services that provide equal opportunity for people with disabilities.

What is the check-in schedule like?

Students must log into their classes a week before classes begin to become familiar with the interface. Additionally, a virtual orientation is held to provide students with information on how to navigate their classes and whom to contact for any technical questions and/or concerns.

What does a class look like?

Students may set up a one-on-one tour to explore a virtual classroom. All classes use Eastern Time.


What is SCAD looking for in an applicant?

SCAD seeks highly motivated and dedicated rising high school seniors to participate in SCAD Rising Star. The program is extremely rigorous and students work at an accelerated pace. Grades for the program are included on a student's official college transcript.

What are the application requirements?

In addition to the completed online application and US$60 nonrefundable application fee, applicants must submit official high school transcripts through the first semester of their junior year. For students whose first language is not English, proof of English proficiency must be provided. Supplemental materials may be submitted, which can include a statement of purpose, one letter of recommendation, or an official report of SAT or ACT scores (optional for SCAD Rising Star but required for freshman admission).

When is it too late to apply?

SCAD is accepting Rising Star applications until June 16. The online application, application fee and all supporting documents are required to complete a file for admission.

When is the program deposit due?

The deadline for the SCAD Rising Star program deposit is June 14. You may submit payment online.

When is tuition due?

Any remaining tuition balance is due June 14.

I attended the program last year. Can I reapply?

Only rising high school seniors can participate in the SCAD Rising Star program. The program may not be attended twice.

When will I be notified of an admission decision?

All SCAD Rising Star applicants are notified within one week after completing the application file.


Are payment plans available?

All payment options can be discussed with the admission adviser assigned upon application submission.

What if I want to sign up for one class?

SCAD Rising Star students may sign up for one or two classes. 

How much do books and course materials cost?

Supply expenses vary by course. A list of supplies is provided with the course syllabus, which is located in Blackboard via MySCAD, and supplies may be purchased through the SCAD bookstore or online.

Will participating in SCAD Rising Star help me get into SCAD?

Students who participate in SCAD Rising Star gain valuable experience as well as build and enhance their portfolio, all while refining their skills under the guidance and instruction of SCAD faculty. Satisfactory completion of SCAD Rising Star with a cumulative grade-point average of 3.0 or higher may qualify students for admission to SCAD for further undergraduate study if they have submitted all required first-time freshman application materials (including an official SAT or ACT report).

What is the cancellation/refund policy?

Application fees are nonrefundable. The SCAD Rising Star cancellation/refund policy follows the official policy and schedule for SCAD Savannah summer quarter, which can be found online.

Additional questions

What technology or equipment will I need for my classes?

A DSLR camera is required for the photography class. Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Office and video tutorials are provided to students starting one week before classes begin. The first day of classes is Monday, June 21.

Is there a set day and time for me to log in?

Students should log in at the daily assigned meeting time for each course. There will be set deadlines for projects/exercises to be submitted, and students must actively participate no fewer than four times a week. All deadlines are set in ET.

How will I meet with my professor and get to know my classmates?

Students will participate in a virtual classroom and have opportunities to connect with their professor and classmates. Professors have set office hours where students may meet with them by phone, email or through screen share via Zoom. Additionally, students will receive feedback for their work in progress via the discussion board. Students will be able to post their work in progress to the discussion forum and also see and comment on their classmates’ work as well.

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