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What is SCAD Summer Seminars?
SCAD Summer Seminars offers weeklong workshops for high school students who have completed their freshman, sophomore or junior year. Students have the opportunity to explore the renowned art and design degree programs offered at SCAD locations and experience life as a college student.

Where are workshops held?
SCAD Summer Seminars workshops will be held virtually, through the Zoom meeting platform.

Are there accommodations for disabled students?
Yes. SCAD offers educational services that provide equal opportunity for people with disabilities. Students will work with the SCAD Summer Seminars office in order to set up accommodations.

What kinds of activities can I participate in?
A variety of engaging virtual events are being developed to enhance the virtual SCAD Summer Seminars experience.


What is required to register for SCAD Summer Seminars?
Students eligible to register must be freshmen, sophomore, or juniors in high school during the 2020-21 school year. Complete the registration form and submit payment online. There are no other perquisites.

I attended SCAD Summer Seminars last year. Do I need to register again?
Yes. Updated forms are also required.

Do I need to submit transcripts, a statement of purpose, or a portfolio to register for SCAD Summer Seminars?

May I attend multiple SCAD Summer Seminars?
Yes. Students may choose to attend multiple sessions. The registration fee is US$60 per session.

Will participating in this program help me get into SCAD?
Participating in SCAD Summer Seminars does not guarantee acceptance or bear any weight in the application process, but can help students develop artistic skills and build their portfolios.

Fees and scholarships

Are payment plans available, or can I make partial payments?
Yes, the registration portal does allow for partial payments to be made over time. The registration fee of US$60 is due at the time of registration, and the remainder of the payment is due on or before June 4, 2021.

How do I make payments?
All payments are due June 4 and can be made by following the steps below. To complete a payment:

- Log in to the registration portal with the email address used at registration and the confirmation number provided to you when you registered.
- Select the "Submit Payment" button.
- Enter your credit card information and click the "Submit Payment" button.

How much do books and course materials cost?
A workshop supply list will be provided. Supply costs will not exceed $50. Student participants are responsible for purchasing workshop supplies.

Does SCAD Summer Seminars offer scholarships? How can I apply for them?
Scholarships will not be awarded for virtual SCAD Summer Seminars. The cost has been reduced considerably and we hope this will enable participants to attend.

Prior to arrival

Where do I find the required terms and conditions for electronic signatures?
All terms and conditions must be completed online after registration by the legal parent/guardian and participating student. To access the terms and conditions, log in to your registration account through our online event manager.

Program information

What happens on Friday?
The SCAD Summer Seminars program ends on Friday with an open house. The open house schedule will be posted at a later date.

Whom can I contact if I have a question that isn't listed on this page?
Contact the SCAD Summer Seminars office via email at [email protected].

For further inquiries

Do you have additional questions about the SCAD Summer Seminars program? Chat with a summer programs representative today and learn more.

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