Major declaration

Explore your options

Many students have skills and interests that encompass a wide range of disciplines within art and design, and are uncertain about a major. It is essential that students take the initiative and explore different majors and minors. Each fall, SCAD hosts a Majors and Minors Fair that exposes students to all majors, promotes interaction with faculty members in those areas of study and raises student awareness of career options.

Students may also visit the career and alumni success office, where they can research the job market for majors that interest them. Undecided students are encouraged to use their elective courses to try introductory courses in majors of interest. In doing so, they may decide to pursue a minor.

Declare your major

First-year students

Incoming first-year students enter SCAD with an undeclared major. Students have the opportunity to declare a major upon successful completion of First Year Experience, but may remain undeclared through their sophomore year. While undeclared, students are required to consult with their student success adviser each quarter prior to registration.

Transfer students

Incoming transfer students enter SCAD with a declared major based on their application for admission. Transfer credit is reviewed and awarded based upon their declared major. Incoming transfer students are assigned a student success adviser and faculty adviser.

Adding a minor or second major

Many of SCAD's undergraduate majors complement one another, and students may choose to earn degrees in two majors. With careful course selection, students may earn a double major in just a few extra quarters. Students should consult with their student success adviser to determine what additional coursework may be required.

Each minor consists of five to six courses totaling 25 to 30 credit hours. The time required to complete a minor area of study varies depending on which combination of major and minor programs is being completed. Based upon this combination, a student may be required to complete more than the minimum number of credit hours required for graduation.

Changing a major or minor

Students may meet with their success adviser to change their major, add a second major or enroll in a minor at any time during their studies. Students may declare a major or minor only through a SCAD location where that program is offered.