First year experience

First Year Experience (FYE) is a required extended orientation course taught to incoming undergraduate first-year students by student success advisers. The course is designed to aid the transition to the university and to prepare students for academic excellence and professional careers. A variety of success strategies, college policies, and information regarding major and career options are addressed through group and individual exercises, projects and lectures. The FYE course meets for one hour, once per week. It is a pass/fail course and there is no tuition charge.

Students must successfully complete FYE in order to declare a major.

Course goals:

  1. Students will learn about resources at SCAD and the transition to a university environment.
  2. Students will be involved in university activities and will learn about various SCAD major programs to enhance their experience and career preparation.
  3. Students will make connections with peers and with the instructor, who will serve as an important resource as students continue their studies.
  4. Students will share questions and concerns and receive advice to assist them in achieving a successful quarter.

Successful completion of First Year Experience is a graduation requirement for first-year students. Students who have transferred to SCAD from another institution are not required to complete the course but may opt to participate in the course to take advantage of the learning opportunities.