Faculty advising

Once an undergraduate student declares a major, the student is also assigned a faculty adviser in his or her discipline. The faculty adviser serves as a subject matter expert in the student's major and guides the student in course selection and professional development.

When to see your faculty adviser

One of the most important relationships students make at university is with their faculty adviser. Students are encouraged to meet with their faculty adviser each quarter, and some departments hold scheduled advising hours prior to registration. Faculty advisers help students with:

  • Choosing electives and minors. Students should seek help from a faculty adviser in reviewing their SCAD Pro Adviser audit and choosing electives or a minor that enhance their program of study.
  • Exploring career opportunities. Faculty advisers are recognized as experts in their fields and can mentor students on career development.
  • Seeking information regarding course content. Faculty advisers teach within the major departments and are familiar with the content and provisions of required courses.
  • Developing a mentoring relationship.
  • Assisting with career planning and goal setting.

Students who wish to make an appointment with their faculty adviser should check office hours through their department. Students may also see their assigned faculty adviser via MySCAD through the SCAD Pro Adviser degree audit in the Undergraduate Advising channel or through the Academic Profile channel.