Course registration

First-quarter registration

All first-quarter, first-year students are registered for classes by a student success adviser. All first-quarter transfer students are registered for classes by a transfer adviser. Student success advisers and transfer advisers take into account all transfer credit when registering students. Students are generally registered for two studio classes and one lecture class. First-year students are registered for classes based on their majors of interest as indicated on their applications. Transfer students are registered for classes required by their declared major.

Course selection

Students can plan what courses to take by using SCAD Pro Adviser, the university’s online degree audit program and major program of study sequencing guide. They also can enlist help from their student success adviser, faculty adviser or both.

Class schedule search:

Current student registration

Each quarter, students receive a ticket that assigns them a registration time. This usually occurs during the sixth or seventh week of the quarter. Registration times are determined by credit hours earned. Students may register for classes from their initial registration time through the fifth business day of classes in the beginning of each quarter. Students register for classes via MySCAD and can obtain instructions on how to register from their student success adviser.

Dropping and adding courses

The first five business days of every quarter are the designated drop/add period when students can change their class schedules. Students must attend the classes for which they are registered by the end of the drop/add period. Attendance during the first week of the quarter in all registered classes is verified before financial aid is disbursed. Students should not attend classes for which they are not registered. All students should check their schedules prior to the start of each quarter to see if any changes have occurred. Absences due to schedule changes during the drop/add period are counted toward the total of allowable absences.