Cancelled enrollment and account credits

Before each quarter begins, SCAD incurs expenses for students and classes based on the number of students who have indicated their intention to enroll. Most of these expenses are not subject to change on short notice. Students who cancel enrollment prior to the beginning of the quarter or withdraw during the quarter may prevent other students from taking a class or may create vacancies that cannot be filled.

It is the responsibility of students who have decided not to attend to drop their classes via MySCAD or notify the office of the registrar in writing prior to the beginning of the quarter in order to avoid being held liable for all fees. Failure to pay fees, not attending classes or informing a faculty member that a student has decided to withdraw do not constitute official forms of notification.

After the drop/add period, students should complete a withdrawal form available through the office of the registrar or the office of student success. The date the withdrawal form is completed becomes the withdrawal date for computing any refund or credit due to a student or applied to an outstanding account. Requests for refunds sent by mail are dated according to the date received. Payment is made to the student unless the student directs otherwise in writing.

Students are entitled to financial aid as long as they are enrolled, provided they meet the related stipulations. In accordance with federal financial aid regulations, length of enrollment each quarter determines whether or not a student has earned the use of all the aid disbursed or scheduled to be disbursed. Any credit applied to a financial aid recipient's account upon withdrawal or expulsion must first be distributed to the appropriate aid programs in accordance with federal and state regulations. When a student with a student loan withdraws from SCAD, any excess credit posted on his or her account may be returned to his or her student loan program to reduce the overall debt. If any credit remains, it is applied first toward any outstanding charges. Any remaining credit is then refunded to the student. A credit balance created by financial aid that remains on a student's account after he or she ceases to be enrolled could be subject to federal refund proration.

Credit posted to a student's account is based on the assessment of charges and not upon the amount paid by the student or number of classes attended. If a credit is due, it is prepared according to the following schedule:

  • A student may cancel his or her enrollment at any time before the commencement of the quarter.
  • A student not requesting cancellation online or through written documentation by the beginning of the quarter is considered enrolled and liable for all fees.
  • The application fee and one-time new student enrollment fee are retained to cover processing costs and are nonrefundable. The enrollment fee is nontransferable to other students or charges.
  • If a student is dismissed from SCAD as a result of disciplinary action, he or she is responsible for all tuition and fees (including all unused residence hall fees).
  • If a student is academically dismissed from SCAD, all payments for tuition, housing and meals for a subsequent quarter are refunded.
  • A student who withdraws from SCAD during the first 40 percent of the quarter receives a pro rata credit of tuition according to the following schedule.


Fall quarter 2016 withdrawal dates

Withdrawal form received Credit/refund available

Sept. 17-25, 2016

55 percent

Sept. 26-Oct. 2, 2016

35 percent

Oct. 3-9, 2016

15 percent

Winter quarter 2017 withdrawal dates

Withdrawal form received Credit/refund available

Jan. 11-17, 2017

55 percent

Jan. 18-24, 2017

35 percent

Jan. 25-31, 2017

15 percent

Spring quarter 2017 withdrawal dates

Withdrawal form received Credit/refund available

April 1-9, 2017

55 percent

April 10-16, 2017

35 percent

April 17-23, 2017

15 percent


Additional refund policies applicable to students of SCAD Hong Kong

All fees paid less application fee will be refunded if the course of study (i.e., degree program) is withdrawn or not offered. On premature cessation of the course of study (i.e., degree program), all fees and charges that have been collected in respect of any part of the course failing to be conducted on or after the date of the cessation will be refunded within 1 month of the premature cessation.

State eLearning withdrawal guidelines

Cancelled enrollment and account guidelines can vary for some eLearning students who reside in certain states.

If you are an eLearning student residing in Wisconsin, Maryland or Oregon, please read this information regarding cancelled enrollment and account credit policies.

Financial appeals

Student account appeals
Students with extenuating circumstances may appeal in writing to the university for refund or credit to the student accounts office by email at Such appeals must be initiated within 30 days of the end of the quarter for which the refund or credit is requested. The student will receive a written response within 30 calendar days of the date of the written appeal. The decision is final.

Financial aid appeals
Students with extenuating circumstances, such as personal illness, injury or death in the family may appeal in writing for reinstatement of financial aid lost due to unsatisfactory academic progress.

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