SCAD provides many opportunities to improve students' leadership skills. Its programs center on engaging students through hands-on activities allowing student leaders practical experience early in their university careers.


LEAD is a one-day leadership conference which helps new and returning student leaders deal with leadership transitions and personal development.  The conference takes place at the beginning of spring quarter after the leadership hiring process. This program helps students:

  • Gain skills preparing them for their new leadership roles
  • Continue to grow  and enhance their leadership skills
  • Network with other student leaders at the college

More information can be found at blog.scad.edu/leadership.

Additional leadership involvement opportunities

SCAD provides you with a number of additional ways to lead within the university, including serving on the Student Activities Council or as an orientation, resident and summer program assistant.

United Student Forum

The United Student Forum is the student representative body of SCAD. The USF serves as a means of communication within the student body as well as between the students and the administration of the college. All students are considered members of the United Student Forum, and representatives to the USF are selected to serve in leadership capacities throughout the year. The Executive Committee is selected from the USF representatives and serves as the representative board for the entire student body. Members of the Executive Committee meet regularly with college administrators to discuss ideas for improving the overall college community.

Student Activities Council

The Student Activities Council is the student programming board of SCAD. One goal of the council is to provide diverse, educational programs and entertainment for students. The council promotes student leadership and involvement through opportunities on the program board; encourages the celebration of a diverse student population by exposing the community to new ideas, activities and entertainment; and supports the cultural development of the local communities. The Student Activities Council is affiliated with the National Association for Campus Activities, and council members attend conferences sponsored by that organization.

SERVE leadership

SERVE exists to foster social responsibility through education and provides students with an opportunity to serve the Savannah community through volunteer positions. This group promotes community service as a link between SCAD and the local community and advocates student leadership through service coordinator opportunities.

An integral part of the SERVE program, service coordinators are ambitious students hired for the academic year to fill paid positions in each SERVE program. They are responsible for coordinating projects, recruiting volunteers and working as on-site leaders at service projects, managing more than 6,000 volunteer hours during the year. SERVE programs include work with America’s Second Harvest of Coastal Georgia, Coastal Pet Rescue, Girl Scout Camp Low and Memorial Health Anderson Cancer Institute.

Orientation assistants

Orientation assistants are enthusiastic, highly visible student leaders who are trained to help students and parents during orientation. Students who fill these paid positions have extensive knowledge about the college, act as co-instructors for the First-year Experience course, and contribute greatly to the success of the orientation and transition of new SCAD students.

Resident assistants

Resident assistants are student leaders who live in residence halls and assist the students who live there. RAs assist in building a community atmosphere, assist students in connecting with one another, plan programs for the residents, perform administrative duties and help enforce college policies. They are paid staff members who enjoy helping others. The selection process for residence assistants begins in January.

Summer program assistants

Summer program assistants provide leadership during the summer programs designed for high school students. They assist with the planning, promotion and implementation of activities and programs.

Student Ambassador Program

The SCAD Student Ambassador Program is a volunteer program available in Atlanta and Savannah for current SCAD students interested in positively promoting the college through interaction with prospective students. Ambassadors are the face for the student body and serve as college hosts for prospective students and their families. Ambassadors must be willing to help answer questions and assist visitors while offering a student perspective on life at SCAD. The program is sponsored by the office of admission.

Student Media leadership

The Student Media sponsors a student-run television production group, newspaper, Web community, advertising agency and radio station. Student media outlets are accessible via the Internet, allowing the entire SCAD community to participate.