Regina Silveira, "Octopus (Track Series)" from the series "Derrapagem" (2009), 2009.
Regina Silveira, "Octopus (Track Series)" from the series "Derrapagem" (2009), vinyl and wooden models, installation view, 2009. Courtesy of Alexander Gray Associates, New York.

Reception for Regina Silveira exhibition: "Track Series (Octopus")

Friday, Sept. 20, 2013

SCAD Museum of Art

Savannah, GA

601 Turner Blvd.

"Track Series (Octopus)" is part of the continuing "Derrapagem" series of vinyl-decal mural installations by Brazil-based artist Regina Silveira. Acclaimed for her playful and exaggerated interpretations of space and scale, Silveira engages the layered graphics of car tire tracks to resemble octopus tentacles reaching the length of the gallery. "Track Series (Octopus)" responds to the elongated, rectangular dimensions of the gallery, creating dynamic waves of movement that expand across the wall and encompass visitors as they move through this museum space.

The reception is free with SCAD Museum of Art admission.