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The SCAD Alumni Atelier, an artist ambassadorship conceived and endowed by SCAD President and Founder Paula Wallace, enriches the creative and professional endeavors of distinguished SCAD graduates. Alumni advance their careers, strengthen their connection with their alma mater and join a select group of ambassadors within the university's global network of emerging and established artists and scholars. Keep reading to learn more about becoming an Alumni Atelier ambassador.

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An exceptional opportunity for artisan (or creative) entrepreneurs

This unparalleled experience affords the university’s most talented and visionary alumni the opportunity to return to SCAD as Alumni Atelier ambassadors and serve as mentors to current students.

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About the Atelier

The SCAD Alumni Atelier is a life-changing experience, offering recipients the opportunity to focus on their work in a unique environment.

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Deadlines and schedules

Award recipients serve as on-campus ambassadors.

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