SCAD Alumni Atelier ambassadors

Spring 2017 Savannah ambassadors

Christopher Lee
M.F.A., interactive design and game development, 2013
B.F.A., interactive design and game development, 2009

"Truth in the Simulation" explores the use of photogrammetry to create highly detailed digital characters and objects. Photogrammetry is the science of making measurements from photographs and is traditionally used in topographic mapping and architecture.

Lee was awarded the dean's fellowship and presidential medal at SCAD and has been a texture and character artist for films including "Captain America: Super Soldier," "Thor: God of Thunder" and "Kong: King of the Apes." For the SCAD Alumni Atelier, Lee will work with faculty to add this new technological approach to the interactive design and game development course offerings.

Sauda Mitchell
B.A., visual communication, art history minor, 2013

Through traditional printmaking techniques and scan code technology, "Finding Aid" communicates Mitchell's own personal narrative as well as the African-American cultural experience. Her work pays homage to the past by representing the stories of people whose history has been buried deep within the archival landscape.

For the SCAD Alumni Atelier, Mitchell will create original relief prints with embedded scan codes, enabling each print to serve as a visual access point to an online exhibit of archival material curated from repositories and private collections in Savannah, Georgia.

Malina Omut
M.F.A., illustration, 2013

"Fuzz" offers a fantasy world based on the culture of Savannah, Georgia, surrounding the viewer with two- and three-dimensional artwork reflecting a positive, playful view of life. Omut expresses a sense of whimsy through elaborately imaginative landscapes.

A Fulbright scholarship recipient, Omut has exhibited in galleries around the world, and her art has been recognized by American Illustration, Applied Arts, L├╝rzer's Archive and more. For the SCAD Alumni Atelier, she will create life-size mixed media paintings, a 3-D sculptural painting on wood and historic furniture reconditioned with a modern aesthetic.

Hasani Sahlehe
B.F.A., painting, 2015

Sahlehe's site-specific exhibition, "Can't Handle the Truth," incorporates large-scale paintings, sound and staging to challenge the nature of perception, a concept inspired by legendary artists Marcel Duchamp and Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Sahlehe, an emerging multidisciplinary artist, draws from a wide array of influences, including music, celebrity and religion. For the SCAD Alumni Atelier, he will create a multimedia installation and host student workshops that offer perspective, critique and insight based on his experience and artistic practice.

Spring 2017 Atlanta ambassador

Gabriela Iancu
M.F.A., photography, 2015

Iancu returns to Atlanta for deeper exploration of her visual storytelling. As part of an innovative approach to examine the photographic medium from a wider spectrum, she uses a new generation of digital techniques to create a hybrid of still and moving images that she calls living stills. Iancu's artwork focuses on history, evolution and preservation in natural space and the origins and representation of food as an archetype of biological evolution.

A multidisciplinary visual artist, Iancu has exhibited in numerous international galleries. For the SCAD Alumni Atelier, she will reveal new ways of reimagining photography for the future through her living stills, share her expertise with students, and collaborate with faculty to develop potential curriculum content at the university around this technique.