SCAD SafeRide enhanced by Uber

SCAD has partnered with Uber as the first university to use the Uber Central dispatch platform to supplement the university's SafeRide program.

The university developed the SafeRide program to ensure students, staff and faculty have a way to get home safely when they're studying or working late at an open SCAD building. SafeRides are supported by SCAD Campus Safety and Security and are available from an open SCAD building to an on- or off-campus residence in the Savannah and Atlanta downtown and midtown areas 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. nightly.

During times of peak demand for SafeRides, SCAD will use Uber drivers to provide SafeRides for trips that meet the program's requirements.

Students, faculty and staff should already have the Uber app on their smartphone to make use of this partnership. When a SafeRide is requested, the SCAD Campus Safety and Security dispatcher will activate an Uber ride. The rider will receive a text with a link to view their ride details. Users will be provided:

  • The driver's name
  • The make and model of the vehicle coming (i.e., Hyundai Sonata)
  • The vehicle's license plate number
  • The estimated time of arrival

To take advantage of this innovative program and arrange a SafeRide, call 404.253.3333 in Atlanta or 912.525.4500 in Savannah.