SCAD students are encouraged to use personal bicycles as transportation and may register them with SCAD Department of University Safety. Bicycles are governed by the same traffic regulations as motorized vehicles, and riding on sidewalks or through squares and parks is prohibited.

Biking in Atlanta

Bicycles and motorcycles are to be parked in the parking deck only. Bicycles must be secured to the bicycle racks located near the second-floor parking deck entrance to the security station. Motorcycles must park in vehicle parking spaces within the deck. For more information, call the Department of University Safety in Atlanta at 404.253.3333.

Biking in Hong Kong

Most of the rules and advice given to drivers in Hong Kong also apply to cyclists. In addition to obeying traffic signs and road markings, cyclists should also not carry passengers, ride on footways or use multicycles outside of the designated areas. For more information on biking in Hong Kong, visit the Transport Department website.

Biking in Lacoste

While all Lacoste facilities are within walking distance, SCAD also provides a fleet of bicycles students may lease for a one-time fee of $10 and use for the entirety of the quarter.

Biking in Savannah

SCAD students are encouraged to use personal bicycles as transportation in Savannah and may register them with SCAD Department of University Safety, 350 Bull St. Savannah cyclists should remember that riding through downtown squares and on sidewalks of Broughton Street is illegal and carries a fine of more than $100. For more rules and tips for cycling through Savannah, visit the City of Savannah website.

SCAD Bike Share program

The SCAD Bike Share program is a convenient way for students, faculty and staff in Atlanta and Savannah to move around town on GPS-equipped bicycles. These bicycles can be reserved and rented throughout the day at a preset rate from designated hubs using a mobile device, or from the hub location.

New users will need to register with SCAD Bike Share in order to reserve, ride and return bikes.

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SCAD SafeRide

SafeRides are offered to SCAD students who live off campus and need a late-night ride from an open SCAD building to residences within the midtown and downtown areas of Atlanta and Savannah. Now supplemented through the use of Uber, SafeRides are available 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. nightly.

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SCAD Car Share

SCAD Car Share, provided by Enterprise, is an easy, automated way to rent a vehicle by the hour or day, or even overnight. Located at The Hive in Savannah and at the main SCAD Atlanta building, SCAD Car Share is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Public transportation

Public transportation is available around the various SCAD locations and can be used to travel to many destinations around each city.

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