Counseling and support services

Initial consultation: What to expect

The SCAD office of counseling and student support services believes that reaching out for help is a positive demonstration of strength and self-advocacy. Current students can set up an initial session with counseling and student support services by calling 912.525.6971. Keep in mind that there is a greater demand during certain periods of the year; counseling and student support services will set up the next available appointment that fits the student's needs and schedule.

Students who have set up an initial consultation appointment must bring their SCAD Card and should plan to arrive 30 minutes early to fill out the intake paperwork. At the first appointment, a counselor discusses the concern(s) that led the student to reach out. During the session, the student and counselor will discuss and plan the best steps, which may include continued short-term individual counseling through the office of counseling and student support services, referral for long-term therapy or psychiatric services in the Savannah area, group therapy, or recommendations for other university resources to support mental and physical health. If there is a crisis situation, a triage counselor is available to provide immediate help.

Individual counseling

Some students may encounter challenging life experiences that interfere with the pursuit of their academic goals and/or personal growth during their university years. Counseling and student support services counselors are available to assist students with short-term individual counseling. Assistance is offered for a wide range of concerns, and services are free. Confidentiality is guaranteed within legal and ethical guidelines. Services are included in tuition.

Group counseling and workshops

Group support sessions through counseling and student support services are free for all students, and students do not need to set up an individual appointment to attend. Groups meet weekly throughout the quarter and are facilitated by a staff member or a graduate clinical intern. Group sessions provide an opportunity to connect with peers who might be facing similar challenges and are interested in addressing those challenges together in a welcoming, collaborative and safe environment. Groups typically focus on a specific issue, challenge or mental health practice (e.g., anxiety, depression, substance abuse, stress management, mindfulness meditation). The group schedule is available on the MySCAD department pages. Call 912.525.6971 for more information.

Psychiatric consultation

A consulting psychiatrist is available to serve students in conjunction with counseling services. Psychiatric services are available by referral only through a counselor at counseling and student support services. A psychiatrist is available on Thursdays for students with health insurance and Fridays for those who are uninsured. For a list of community psychiatrists, visit the MySCAD department pages or contact the counseling and student support services office at 912.525.6971.

Office of accommodation services

All reasonable accommodations are determined for students on an individual basis. In order to receive academic adjustments and/or reasonable accommodations, students must make an appointment with their accommodation specialist each term to make their specific accommodation requests known. All current students have access to their account through SCAD Accommodate. Students are able to request accommodations, upload medical documentation and schedule appointments through the Accommodate website via MySCAD > Resources tab > Academic Resource Network channel.  Students are encouraged to provide documentation of their disability. To contact the department, email [email protected] or call 912.525.6971. In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Savannah College of Art and Design offers educational services that provide equal opportunity for people with disabilities. The office of accommodation services has adopted the ADA definition of disability: "Disability defined is a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities of such individual" (ADA, 1990).

Deaf services

The coordinator of deaf services assists hard-of-hearing and deaf students in effectively communicating with other students, faculty and staff. Staff members meet with students to evaluate their communication needs; register students for classes; coordinate interpreting schedules; recruit, hire, train and supervise staff interpreters; and provide in-service training for faculty and staff utilizing interpreters. The interpreting staff provides communication services for students, faculty and staff for classes and cocurricular activities.

Jump Start program

The office of counseling and student support services invites all students who qualify for accommodations and their parents or guardians to attend Jump Start, a special expanded orientation offered exclusively in Savannah, Georgia, held before the general SCAD orientation begins each September. Jump Start is designed to increase awareness of the services and resources available to students with disabilities, ease the transition to university and provide strategies for success at SCAD. Visit the Jump Start Eventbrite webpage for more information, including registration and payment details.

Additional support

Please check out the SCAD Counseling referral list for off-campus mental health providers.



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Visit MySCAD > Student Workspace tab > Academic Resource Network channel > "Counseling and Student Support Services (CS3)" link for more information.