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Two SCAD students receive 2015 Core77 Design Awards

Savannah College of Art and Design alumnus John Gray Parker (M.F.A., service design, 2015) and first-year student Bruna Vieira recently received recognition as part of the 2015 Core77 Design Awards, which acknowledge excellence in all areas of design enterprise and celebrate the richness of the design profession and its practitioners.

Parker’s project, Q’WIK 15 – a boating system for junior sailors and families, was given the Student Notable honor in the Transportation category. With a modular deck and hull system, users are able to switch out the deck (the center area of the vessel) to completely change the vessel’s functionality. Within 30 minutes, Q'WIK 15 can go from a high-performance racing sailboat to a family powerboat or rowing shell.

“Many boats, especially those with high performance characteristics, are prohibitively expensive for families. This high cost is a major barrier to entry into the sport of competitive sailing,” stated Parker. "The Q'WIK 15 helps address that challenge.”

The Q'WIK system also combats the high price point of traditional composite vessels through manufacturing. Rather than using expensive composite materials, Q'WIK employs the use of rotationally molded polypropylene for the hulls and thermoformed polypropylene for the deck, both over foamed aluminum sub-frames for structural support.

Vieira’s project – My Mom's Kitchen – was the Student Runner Up in the Visual Communication category. The infographic tells a story about her in her mom’s kitchen – depicting how she reacts when she is there and how she interprets the environment.

Vieira’s project started with the generation of 30 pieces of information about the kitchen, and from each of those 30 elements, she created 10 additional related pieces of information. After generating 300 pieces of information about the kitchen, Vieira set out to create a typographic poster to describe the place. On the top, there is information related to time passage. To the left are the objects from the kitchen associated with those time elements. Lines then direct these objects to emotions she has when she is in the kitchen. Big kerning on the bottom shows the abstract quality of her feelings compared to the other concrete information about the kitchen.

“The biggest challenge of this project was to transform a complex conceptual relationship of elements into a visual composition that tells a story before the public can read the information.” Vieira noted. “To accomplish that, I chose a color that transmits the warmth of the place. I also designed a composition that guides the reader from the title on the bottom (explaining what the project is) to the external things of the environment and then to my reactions to those things, as they actually occur.”

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