Office of institutional research

The office of institutional research is a service unit that provides management information and centralized reporting services. The office responds to internal data requests with official counts and customized statistical analyses. The office responds to external data requests by providing official institutional information to governmental, accreditation and other agencies interested in advertising and comparing university statistics. This institutional information includes retention rates, completion/graduation and transfer-out rates and students receiving athletically related student aid. The work of institutional research is guided by the overarching goal of assisting the institution in its understanding of the external environment, including its opportunities and challenges to build on institutional values to aid decision-makers in assessment, planning, policy development and the implementation of creative strategies to achieve its mission. 

SCAD Fact Book

The office of institutional research publishes a fact book every fall, made available to the SCAD community in December. This fact book contains a collection of commonly used and cited official university statistics and serves as a useful resource to students, professors and staff.


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