Current student housing application

Current students who live on campus as of spring quarter have the opportunity to sign up for housing for the 2018-19 academic year. Check out the returning student housing sign-up for more details. For other quarters, students follow a process similar to new incoming students.

Reservation fee payment

To sign up for SCAD housing, students must first pay the US$750 nonrefundable and nontransferable housing reservation fee. To pay by credit card, log in to MySCAD and make a payment on your account. For fall quarter housing, you will need to select the Fall 2018 housing reservation fee option for the desired location to ensure the payment will be correctly applied to your account. For other quarters you will make a general payment to your account for this amount and follow up with an email to the student accounts office requesting the payment be applied as the housing reservation fee for the specific quarter for which you are requesting housing.

Payments may also be made by mailing a check to the student accounts office.

Atlanta students
SCAD Atlanta, student accounts office
P.O. Box 77300
Atlanta, GA 30357-1300 USA

Savannah students
SCAD Savannah, student accounts office
P.O. Box 2701
Savannah, GA 31402-2701 USA

To ensure proper credit, include your name and ID number along with the words "Fall 2018 housing fee" on the check. If participating in early housing sign-up, pay the reservation fee by 5:30 p.m. ET, Monday, April 9, 2018, for Atlanta or Savannah housing sign-up, or 5:30 p.m. ET. If you're not participating in early housing sign-up, the deadline to submit the housing reservation fee for fall is Friday, June 1. Students who want housing beginning in the winter, spring or summer quarters should refer to the fee schedule.

Housing license agreement

The housing license agreement is a nine-month binding agreement for the entire academic year outlining residence life and housing policies and procedures regarding behavior, room care and condition. The housing license agreement is renewed annually while a student resides in SCAD housing. Students may be assessed damage fees based on the condition of their rooms after they leave. When selecting housing preferences, students must read all terms and conditions of the agreement carefully and then agree to the form by following the steps as indicated online.

Housing preferences

Students who have paid the housing reservation fee may indicate preferences online by visiting MySCAD.

Roommate requests

Roommate requests must be mutual. All roommate requests are considered during the assignment process but are not guaranteed. Students who wish to room together must specifically request one another when selecting housing preferences online in MySCAD. If a roommate request is not mutual, the assignment is not granted.

Housing guidelines

Except for continuing students participating in early housing sign-up, students are assigned to housing based on the date their reservation fee is received by the student accounts office. Financial aid, scholarships or other funds may not be available in time to meet the quarterly housing payment deadline. If the authorized financial aid does not cover the balance, or if it is not available by the housing balance deadline, the housing payment must be paid out of pocket. Financial aid authorization may be determined by visiting MySCAD. Select the My Info tab and check “My Award Information” under the My Financial Aid channel. If aid has been authorized, be sure to confirm the aid is sufficient to cover housing, as all aid is applied first toward tuition. Students who have to pay out of pocket to ensure payment by the housing balance due date may be eligible for a refund once the aid disburses after the drop/add period of the term. Students must adhere to residence life and housing deadlines to ensure a housing assignment.

Late applicants/fees

Students who do not make housing payments by the posted deadline forfeit their housing assignment. Returning students are subject to an additional US$500 nonrefundable cancellation fee. Housing is subject to availability.


1600 Peachtree St. 
Atlanta, GA 30309 USA 
Fax: 404.253.3273 
[email protected]


P.O. Box 3146
Savannah, GA 31402-3146 USA 
Fax: 912.525.7012
[email protected]