Voyage to Lacoste with fellow newly enrolled SCAD students as part of Pre-Bee: Tour de France

SCAD Lacoste


Rue Saint-Trophime

Immerse yourself in the beauty of SCAD Lacoste, make new friendships and prepare for a successful freshman year at The University for Creative Careers with Pre-Bee: Tour de France.

Pre-Bee: Tour de France is a weeklong cultural-enrichment experience at SCAD Lacoste that prepares newly enrolled SCAD students for university life through workshops and excursions. From Provence to Paris, Pre-Bee includes demonstrations, excursions and instruction designed to prepare new students to excel at SCAD from day one. Learn more about the Pre-Bee program

Pre-Bee is open to all incoming SCAD freshmen who have paid the enrollment fee. For more information, email prebee@scad.edu