Frequently asked questions

What do I do once I've determined my eligibility?

If you are eligible for student employment, you may view the open positions and begin contacting hiring supervisors. If you are hired, you will receive an email from student employment with further instructions on completing the new hire process.

If I worked last quarter, do I still need to obtain an eligibility and verification form for this quarter?

No, you are not required to resubmit forms quarterly unless you are changing or adding a position. Students' supervisors will notify student workers if they are no longer eligible to work.

How many hours can I work?

Each student is allowed to work a maximum of 20 hours per week.

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What is the hourly pay rate?

Student workers are typically paid federal minimum wage ($7.25).

How does student employment affect my financial aid?

Student employment is not listed on your award letter and has no direct impact on your financial aid or student account. Students paid from federal funds must have remaining unmet need as determined by the FAFSA and other aid.

Are international students permitted to work even though they may not have a Social Security number?

Yes, international students are allowed to work without a Social Security number; however, international students must apply for a Social Security number and return the receipt to student employment in Bradley Hall before starting work in Savannah, or at the Student Success Center in Atlanta.

Where do I find a list of open positions?

Available student employment positions are listed in MySCAD in the Student Employment channel.

Once I start working, how do I submit my time sheets each pay period?

You will report time worked in MySCAD using an online tool, Web time entry. Your supervisor must approve the electronic timesheet prior to payroll processing.

How many jobs can I have?

There is no limit on the number of jobs students can have; however, each student cannot work more than 20 hours per week.

How often do student workers get paid?

Student workers are paid once every two weeks. Please refer to the biweekly payroll calendar located in the forms channel in MySCAD for specific dates.

Am I required to keep the same job the entire quarter?

No, you are permitted to change jobs any time during the school year.