About the Atelier

The SCAD Alumni Atelier supports select alumni with time, space and resources — plus business education for entrepreneurs — in addition to providing each ambassador an honorarium and an allowance for meals, supplies and travel costs.


Alumni Atelier ambassadors are awarded honoraria upon completion of work.

Meal plan

Meals are provided for the duration of the ambassadorship.


A budget for materials is in place for creation and completion of the work.


Alumni Atelier ambassadors receive travel allowances to and from the SCAD location at which they are accepted.

Acorn Cottage exterior lawn, SCAD Lacoste

Accommodations and workspaces

The university provides on-campus accommodations and workspaces for Alumni Atelier ambassadors.


Based on need and availability, Alumni Atelier ambassadors will have access to university resources in Atlanta, Lacoste and Savannah.