Course reserves guidelines

Course reserves request form
Electronic reserves request form

Allow sufficient time

  • IIt may take four weeks or longer to order and process a book for course reserve
  • Out-of-print books, if available, require a longer time period to purchase and process

Copyright guidelines

Items placed on reserve must comply with Federal Copyright Law. It is the responsibility of the instructor to ensure copyright compliance. Items not in compliance with copyright law cannot be placed on reserve.

All photocopied items placed on reserve must be accompanied by a complete bibliographic citation furnished by the instructor. Items that do not have the correct or complete citation cannot be placed on reserve and will be returned to the instructor.

In accordance with federal copyright law, items are removed from the course reserve shelves at the end of each quarter, unless you request that they remain:

  • Requests must be for specific items; not for an entire list
  • If the items are your personal copies, you will be notified through SCAD e-mail to pick them up
  • Items not picked up will be put into storage if not picked up within two weeks of notification

Items that can be placed on reserve:

  • A book owned by SCAD libraries
  • A personal copy (but not photocopy) of a book owned by the instructor
  • Photocopies of articles from journals owned by SCAD libraries
  • Photocopies of portions of books owned by SCAD libraries, provided the book itself is also on reserve

Items that cannot be placed on reserve:

  • Photocopies of items not owned by the library, unless the instructor obtained written permission from the publisher to copy the items
  • Materials obtained via interlibrary loan

Electronic course reserves

  • E-reserve materials must adhere to federal copyright law, and all provisions listed above apply to e-reserve items. Only one chapter or 10% of a book or journal can be put on e-reserve
  • You must furnish a clear copy of the material to be scanned to the course reserve coordinator
  • A complete bibliographic citation must accompany the material to be scanned
  • Materials with no or incomplete citations will be returned


For questions about course reserves in Savannah, contact Stephanie Raines by email at or by phone at 912.525.4710.


For questions about course reserves in Atlanta, contact Mike Varin by email at or by phone at 404.253.6085.


For questions about course reserves in Lacoste, contact Stephanie Raines by email at or by phone at 912.525.4710.

Hong Kong

For physical course reserves, contant Xiaojing Zu by email at or by phone at 852.2253.8020. For e-reserves, contact Stepanie Raines by email at or by phone at 912.525.4710.