Mail services

Upon assignment to a residence hall, each student receives a personal mailbox number (PMB) to receive mail and packages. For more information about mailbox assignments, call mail services at 404.253.3252 in Atlanta or 912.525.7296 in Savannah. Hong Kong students can contact residence life and housing at 853.2253.8047 for more information.

Atlanta and Savannah students are notified electronically at their SCAD student email address when mail and packages arrive. Pickup hours are posted each quarter.

Mail and packages should be addressed as follows:

Student's full name
Personal Mailbox Number (PMB)
1600 Peachtree St.
Atlanta, GA 30309

Student's full name
Block number, Floor number, Flat [A or B]
Gold Coast Residences, Phase II
1 Castle Peak Road, Castle Peak Bay
New Territories, Hong Kong

Student's full name
Personal Mailbox Number (PMB)
235 W. Boundary St.
Savannah, GA 31401

Amazon Lockers

Atlanta and Savannah students may pick up packages on their own schedules with Amazon Lockers. Add the following Amazon Lockers to your address books and say goodbye to waiting.

Dominga | The Hive parking garage
Prateek | Montgomery Hall parking garage
Silva | SCAD Atlanta, first-floor breezeway

Lockers are for Amazon packages only. Visit for more information.

Note: To add lockers to your Amazon address book, search by locker name. Searching "SCAD" will not return any results.