Eichberg Hall and Eichberg Hall Extension

This 66,000-square-foot building was originally built as part of the Central of Georgia Railroad complex and was completed in 1887. The four-story, Romanesque-style building features loft spaces, tall windows with stained glass, and red brick and terra cotta ornamentation. The design sheds, located behind Eichberg Hall, were built in 1853. The building consists of two separate areas, the brick area known as Eichberg Hall and the sheds, which were used as a freight warehouse. Vacant by the middle of the 20th century, the sheds were facing demolition when acquired by the college in 1988.

Eichberg Hall is home to the architecture, architectural history and interior design programs, as well as the urban design graduate program. Some of the features in Eichberg that students have access to are the materials room, model shop, studio space, drafting and graphic classrooms.

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