Financial aid appeals

Students with extenuating circumstances, such as personal illness, injury, or death in family may appeal in writing for reinstatement of financial aid lost due to unsatisfactory academic progress. Appeals should be submitted by email using the Unsatisfactory Progress Appeal form. The appeal must be submitted in a timely fashion and supporting documentation may be required. Appeals must address the reason why satisfactory progress was not attained, and should also provide information as to how the problem will be avoided in the future. A decision from the financial appeals committee regarding the appeal is made in writing to the student within 30 days following receipt of the appeal. The decision is final.

Students granted an appeal approval are placed on financial aid probation for a period of at least one quarter. During the probationary period, the student must meet satisfactory academic progress standards or meet the standards of a prescribed academic plan. Students with an approved appeal are evaluated on an individual basis to determine what prescribed academic plan will be the most beneficial in order to meet satisfactory academic progress guidelines. Following the completion of the probationary period, students are re-evaluated at the end of that quarter. Failure to meet satisfactory academic progress standards or the terms of the prescribed academic plan by the end of the probationary period will result in removal of financial aid. Students who have met the terms of their financial aid probationary period either by making satisfactory academic progress or by meeting the terms of their prescribed academic plan are evaluated for satisfactory academic progress at the next regular review period. Students may not submit an appeal for two consecutive review periods.

Academic plans are administered by the financial aid office and prescribe the number of hours needed to regain satisfactory academic progress for financial aid purposes. Financial aid administrators consult with academic advisers to develop academic plans which ensure standards are met in a reasonable amount of time and promote student success.