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Graduate admission with preliminary coursework

Required intensive graduate-level coursework

For students with exceptional motivation who meet entry-level admission requirements but fail to demonstrate adequate discipline-specific knowledge and/or practice through their portfolios, SCAD may assign intensive coursework beyond the standard curriculum. As many as five courses could be included as part of the graduate program of study and will therefore extend the time and credit hours required to complete the program. Courses are assigned by the Admission Review Committee, in consultation with leadership from the intended academic program, based on the student's prior educational experience and demonstrated level of achievement. Students accepted with intensive coursework should consult wiht their admission adviser regarding eligibility for federal financial aid. Intensive coursework may not be offered every quarter or at every SCAD location and, thus, may change a student's entry term and intended location.

Students who seek exemption from any assigned intensive course must provide documentation to the admission department that demonstrates mastery of skills and sufficient knowledge of content taught in the specific intensive course. The Admission Review Committee will review additional work and render decisions on granting exceptions, as appropriate. A student who is granted exemption does not receive credit for the course, but the course is eliminated from the student's additional course requirements.

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