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Scientific illustration student sketching a specimen in studio

Scientific illustration minor

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- Savannah

Scientific illustration bridges the divide between the arts and sciences, recording and communicating the wonders of nature. The use of illustration allows for a focus on details that convey the essential attributes of a subject with accuracy and aesthetics. Students in this minor learn a formal and codified form of communication that involves various media and a range of subject matter, from the telescopic to the microscopic, to visualize the amazing aspects of this and other worlds—past, present, and future.

  • ILLU 150 Introduction to Scientific Illustration
  • Select one of these two options:

  • ILLU 160 Illustrative Anatomy and Perspective
  • SEQA 202 Drawing for Sequential Art
  • Select one of these two options:

  • ILLU 315 Dynamic Visualization for Scientific Illustration
  • SEQA 325 Environments, Props, and Structures
  • ILLU 345 Advanced Rendering Techniques for Scientific Illustration
  • Select one of these two options:

  • SEQA 352 Constructive Human Anatomy for Sequential Art
  • SEQA 388 Constructive Animal Anatomy for Creature Design

Total course of study: 25 hours