Marine design student work, Aziz by Heather Witkop

Marine design minor

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- Savannah

The marine design minor emphasizes research, user needs, development of hull forms, and exteriors and interiors of a variety of watercraft. It also encourages students to combine aspects of naval architecture, human factors, interior design, CAD and material exploration to create innovative solutions that are both visually appealing and functional.

  • Select one of these two¬†options:

  • FURN 200 Furniture Materials and Techniques I: Tools, Fabrication and Joinery
  • IDUS 212 Model and Prototype Development
  • ELDS 205 Computer-aided Product Design
  • MARI 302 Principles and Theories of Marine Design
  • MARI 335 Marine Design Studio I: Development of Hull Forms
  • MARI 340 Marine Design Studio II: Developing the Next Watercraft Experience
  • MARI 480 Marine Design Final Project

Total course of study: 30 hours